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Conjectural reconstruction of an Iron Age village


Eceniwells was a 5 year project designed and built as a conjectural reconstruction of an Iron Age village of the Eceni tribe circa 60/61AD, at the time of the Boudican uprising.

Buildings were based on archaeological research carried out specifically in Eceni lands, and the size of the settlement was typical. This was - as far as we know - a unique project, and through it we met fellow enthusiasts from the world of archaeology, museums and education, artists, craftspeople and some very good friends!

We held to the Celtic tradition of hospitality and many an evening was spent by firelight and moonlight, eating, drinking and remembering the Ancestors. It was a journey of discovery and learning, and it enabled us to empathize more deeply with our Iron Age ancestors and their everyday lives.

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Our thanks to you all, Steve and Jo.

Long live the Eceni!


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